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Building a relationship with your brand's audience and followers doesn't have to be challenging.

Brand marketing initiatives vary greatly based on the industry, product/service, time of year, product lifecycle, sales process, and so much more. But, what never changes is the need for a reliable, effective communication channel with your customers. PushWords is just that… A comprehensive complement to your existing re-marketing and re-engagement plan today.

You are likely spending somewhere between tens of cents to tens of dollars (or more) for every user that you re-acquire via display, search, or native. Now you can re-market and re-engage more effectively for an entire month for less than some single campaigns. Just because we are materially less expensive than alternatives (with a CPC of $0), don’t be fooled into thinking this is a commodity play. Our intelligent and powerful platform gives you access to segmented and event-based messages, scheduled and drip campaigns, and more. With 100% viewability and an effective CTR that is 10x that of email remarketing, you can’t afford not to test us out. So, whether you’re telling about the features of your revolutionary product, selling the benefits, or looking to convert on a direct response campaign, you’re looking at better results for less money.

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