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Keeping customers and potential buyers engaged, and winning back abandoned carts has always been a challenge.

Until now.

Shopping cart abandonment costs online retailers between $2-4 trillion. PushWords custom abandoned cart re-engagement solution allows you to entice users who were previously not ready to purchase back to complete the checkout process.

Additionally, the competition for customers and cost of user acquisition continues to rise. So, re-engagement channels like email become overcrowded to the point that winning mindshare is difficult (if you even have their addresses) and display re-marketing becomes cost prohibitive. Until now&helip;

PushWords provides you a more effective communication channel to reach out to past visitors and customers to notify them about upcoming promotion or a new product launch. No filters, no competition for share of voice, 100% delivery, and no cost per click give you the engagement platform you need. URL and other behavioral targeting enables you to deliver custom messaging based on customers interest.

This cost-effectively brings users back to your site, keeps them moving through your sales funnel, and increases sales and revenue.

Start your free trial today to get access to all of our features designed with eCommerce shops in mind — you focus on your products and your shop and let us help bring engaged buyers into your store.

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