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Attracting users back to great content is difficult and not always cost effective.

Until now.

With an Internet of more than 1 billion websites and trillions of articles, the battle for mindshare for your content has never been more difficult (and expensive). Historically, email inboxes are difficult to get noticed and avoid spam filters (if you even have a user’s email address) and display re-marketing is often too expensive when your revenue model is ad based. What you need is a way to cut through the clutter with an effective, easy to use alternative.

With PushWords, you will find just that. A cost-effective and powerful platform to enables smarter engagement with your users. Marketing automation capabilities allow you to get more users back to your site without a drain on resources (cost or staff). Create campaigns directly from an RSS feed. Schedule messaging and create drip campaigns. Promote new content to users with demonstrated interest in a particular topic. In plain English that means better engagement, more visitors, and more revenue.

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